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SYBR Green I (200× DMSO)


 SYBR Green I (200× DMSO) is used as a universal dsDNA detection reagent for qPCR. No need to use labeled probes to detect amplification with SYBR Green I.

SYBR Green I (200× DMSO) is specially designed to be used in real-time qPCR experiments.


◆ Concentration of the dye is optimized for qPCR and carefully adjusted for reproducible results from lot to lot
◆ PCR tested preparation – quality guaranteed
◆ Low fluorescence background

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D010-1 SYBR Green I (200× DMSO) 1 mL $60
D010-2 SYBR Green I (200× DMSO) 5×1 mL $240


Protocol (PDF): D010