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Cell Biology


Transfection Reagent LipoFectMax™ Transfection Reagent
A lipid-based transfection reagent that forms a complex with DNA or RNA, and transports the complex into a variety of adherent and suspension cell lines.


Cell Structure Probes
Cell Structure Probes
A diverse selection of cell structure probes to specifically stain from organelle and membrane to whole cell.


Cell Proliferation and Viability Cell Proliferation and Viability
A wide selection of assays for the analysis of cell proliferation and viability.


Cell Apoptosis Assay

Cell Apoptosis Assay
A wide array of apoptosis assays for measuring multiple components on a choice of assay platforms: Annexin V binding assays; Caspase activity assays; Mitochondrial membrane potential assays; DNA fragmentation and morphology.


Ion Indicators Ion Indicators
A wide selection of ion indicators to track calcium and other ion concentrations with intense fluorescent signals and a range of wavelength options.


Probes for ROS Probes for ROS
A variety of probes for reactive oxygen species to study oxidative stress.