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Protein Detection and Quantitation


Protein gel stain and Western Blot are important tool in proteomics (Figure 1). ABP Biosciences offers two distinct protein gel stains: 1) Coomassie® Blue Fast Stain, a ready-to-use product that does not require methanol or acetic acid fixatives or destains; 2) eLuminol™ Protein Gel Stain, a highly-sensitive fluorescent stain designed to detect proteins in SDS polyacrylamide gels. In addition, ABP Biosciences also offers a phosphoprotein selective stain: Phospho-Tag™ Phosphoprotein Gel Stain. ABP Biosciences’ ECL Western Blotting Detection Kit provides highly sensitive detection on immunoblots. Besides, ABP Biosciences also offers a protein assay kit: BCA Protein Assay Kit.

Figure 1. Protein gel analysis workflow

Protein Gel Stain Selection Guide

  Coomassie® Blue Fast Stain eLuminol™ Protein Gel Stain Phospho-Tag™ Phosphoprotein Gel Stain
Sensitivity 20 ng 0.5 ng 1 ng
Ease of use Ready to use Supplied as stock solution Ready to use
Time required 2 hr (standard)
20 min (microwave)
90 min (standard)
30 min (microwave)
4 hr (standard)
2 hr (microwave)
Detection method colorimetric fluorescent fluorescent
MS spec. compatible Yes Yes Yes

Figure 2. Gel stain results with Coomassie® Blue Fast Stain (left), eLuminol™ Protein Gel Stain (middle), and Phospho-Tag™ Phosphoprotein Gel Stain, followed by eLuminol™ total protein stain (right). Two-fold serial dilutions (from left to right) of protein marker were separated via SDS-PAGE and then stained with above stains.                       

To order

Buy Catalog # Product Name Description Size List Price
P001 Coomassie® Blue Fast Stain Colorimetric protein gel stain 1 L $80
P003A eLuminol™ Protein Gel Stain (1,000X) Fluorescent protein gel stain 500 µL $75
P003B 1 mL $130
P005A Phospho-Tag™ Phosphoprotein Gel Stain Phosphoprotein gel stain 500 mL $200
P005B Phospho-Tag™ Phosphoprotein Destain Solution Destain solution 500 mL $55
P010 Bradford Protein Assay Kit Protein quantitation 500 mL $82
P011 BCA Protein Assay Kit Protein quantitation 500 mL $105
P013 SDS-PAGE Sample Loading Buffer (5X) Loading buffer 5 mL $22
P015-1 ABP Prestained Protein Marker Protein marker 250 µL $65
P015-2 ABP Prestained Protein Marker Protein marker 2×250 µL $120