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DNA & RNA Purification Products

Featured DNA & RNA Purification Products

Genomic DNA Purification

Our sensitive, scalable DNA purification products help to maximize your efficiency.


RNA Purification

Our RNA purification reagents address every application, sample, and RNA type.

DNAzol Reagents

DNAzol Reagents are complete, ready-to-use reagents for the isolation of genomic DNA.


Viral DNA & RNA Purification

Our unique kits purify viral DNA and RNA with excellent reproducibility.

Plasmid DNA Purification

Our plasmid DNA purification kits offer you successfully isolate, purify, and extract quality plasmid DNA.


PCR & Gel Cleanup

Purify DNA with our simple, rapid PCR and gel cleanup kits.

Spin Column & Magnetic Beads

Our high quality spin columns and magnetic beads help you isolate DNA and RNA by your own.


DNA & RNA Gel Electrophoresis

Use our gel stains for quick, accurate analysis of nucleic acids.

DNA & RNA Quantitation

Our iQuant DNA and RNA assay kits enable accurate and easy quantitation of nucleic acids.