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DNAzol Reagents


DNAzol Reagents are complete, ready-to-use reagents for the isolation of genomic DNA. Genomic DNA isolated with DNAzol Reagents can be used for restriction endonuclease digestion, Southern blot analysis, molecular cloning, and PCR. 

Which DNAzol Reagent is right for you?

  DNAzol Reagent DNAzol BD Reagent
Sample type Tissues, cells, blood Blood
Sample amount 50 mg tissues, 1-3 x 107 cells, 0.1 ml blood with 1 ml DNAzol Reagent 0.5 ml blood with 1 ml DNAzol BD Reagent​
Process time 30-60 min 30 min
Product Genomic DNA Genomic DNA


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FP321 DNAzol Reagent 100 mL $130
FP322 DNAzol BD Reagent 100 mL $150