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ABP Lentiviral Packaging System


ABP Lentiviral Packaging System is designed to optimize the packaging of third generation lentivectors into virus particles which can express your lentiviral construct in a multitude of mammalian cells. The 3rd generation packaging system offers maximal biosafety as the lentiviral Rev gene is supplied as an independent vector from other structure genes, further eliminating the possibility of reverse recombination of vectors into replication competent viral particles.

 ABP Lentiviral Packaging System includes packaging plasmid mix, eGFP positive control plasmid, and LipoFectMax™ Transfection Reagent. 

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D020-01 ABP Lentivirus Packing System 10 rxns $440
D020-02 ABP Lentivirus Packing System 40 rxns $1300



Protocol (PDF): D020  
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