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Spin Column & Magnetic Beads


ABP Biosciences EasySC™ silica spin columns are designed for fast, simple and efficient extraction of DNA and RNA from biological samples such as bacteria, viruses, yeast, cultured cells, fresh and dried blood, urine, buccal swabs, animal tissue. They can also be used for DNA PCR product cleanup and nucleic acid gel extraction.

ABP Biosciences offers uniform magnetic beads with carboxyl and silica surface coating for different applications. These magnetic beads are superparamagnetic and stable with high binding capacity, and slow sedimentation.

Which magnetic beads is right for you?

    Surface Coating   Application
MagPure PCR Clean-up Beads   Carboxy coating   PCR clean-up
MagSelect Beads   Carboxy coating   PCR clean-up, size selection
MagPure Beads   Silica coating   DNA/RNA purification


To Order

Buy Cat. No. Product Name Unit Price
M142-1 EasySC™ Spin Column 100 $40
M142-2 500 $180
D103-1 MagPure PCR Clean-up Beads 5 mL $130
D103-2 50 mL $650
D108-1 MagSelect Beads 5 mL $280
D108-2 50 mL $950
D108-3 500 mL $5000
M141-1 MagPure Beads 5 mL $200
M141-2 50 mL $650