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MagSelect Beads


MagSelect Beads are used for nucleic acid size selection in the library construction process for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). MagSelect Beads are uniform and stable with high binding capacity, and slow sedimentation. MagSelect Beads are suspended in an optimized binding buffer that facilitates the ratio-metric size selection of NGS DNA/RNA library.


  • Ratio-dependent size selection of nucleic acid.
  • High binding capacity for high recovery yield.
  • Slow sedimentation for fast and efficient target capture.


  • PCR Clean-up
  • Size Selection
  • NGS Library Prep


To Order

Buy Cat.No. Product Name Unit Size Price
D108-1 MagSelect Beads 5 mL $280
D108-2 MagSelect Beads 50 mL $950
D108-3 MagSelect Beads 500 mL $5000


Protocol (PDF): D108
MSDS (PDF):  msds-D108