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MagPure Beads


MagPure Beads are superparamagnetic non-aggregate iron oxide microspheres made with a specifically engineered outer-layer. They have optimized silica coating and large surface area, providing efficient kinetics, high sensitivity and high selectivity in isolation of nucleic acid from biological samples in both manual and automated applications.


  • Isolate both DNA and RNA.
  • High binding capacity for high recovery yield.
  • Slow sedimentation for fast and efficient target capture.


  • Genomic DNA Isolation
  • Total RNA Isolation
  • Viral DNA/RNA Isolation


  • Concentration: 50 mg/mL
  • Solvent: ddH2O, 0.05% NaN3
  • Average Particle Size: 0.5 µm
  • Surface: Silica



To Order

Buy Cat.No. Product Name Unit Size Price
M141-1 MagPure Beads 5 mL $200
M141-2 MagPure Beads 50 mL $650


Protocol (PDF): M141
MSDS (PDF):  msds-M141