Product Category

Nucleic Acid Gel Stains

GreenView™, RedView™ DNA Gel Stain, SafeGreen™, SafeRed™ Loading Dye, …

Nucleic Acid Quantitation

iQuant™ DNA Quantitation Kits
iQuant™ RNA Quantitation Kits

Labeled Nucleotides

Biotin or Fluorescent Labeled dUTP/UTP

Protein Detection and Quantitation

Protein Gel Stains, Protein Bradford and BCA Assays, …

Cell Structure Probes

Organelle Stains, Actin Stains,…

Secondary Antibody and Streptavidin

Andy Fluor™ Secondary Antibody and Streptavidin, …

Cell Proliferation & Viability Assay

iClick™ EdU Assays, Cell-Quant™ Cell Proliferation Assay, …

Cell Apoptosis Assay

Annexin V/PI Apoptosis Assays, TUNEL Assays, Caspase3/7 Assays, JC-1, …

Andy Fluor™ Dyes

The brightest and most photostable Andy Fluor™ Dyes

Antibody Labeling Kits

Simple and rapid antibody labeling kits

Click Chemistry

Biotinylated and fluorescent azides and alkynes

Ion Indicators

Calcium indicators, sodium indicators,…

Enzyme Substrates

Luciferase, HRP, galactosidase substrates

Reactive Dyes & Biotin Derivatives

Wide selection of reactive dyes and biotin derivatives

ROS Probes

DHE, H2DCFDA, ROS assay kit


Applied BioProbes Expertise

Applied BioProbes invents, develops, and markets innovative products and technologies to scientists engaged in life sciences research, diagnostic R&D and drug discovery. We specialize in the area of fluorescence labeling and detection technologies. Our products enable scientists and biomedical researchers to better understand molecular biology, cell biology, and immunology. We're committed to providing a wide array of high-quality, value-priced products.


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