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Reagent and Kit

Product Introduction

Transfection Reagent LipoFectMax™ Transfection Reagent
A lipid-based transfection reagent that forms a complex with DNA or RNA, and transports the complex into a variety of adherent and suspension cell lines.

TRIzol Reagent TRIzol Reagent
A ready-to-use reagent, designed to isolate high quality total RNA (as well as DNA and proteins) from cell and tissue samples, yeast, or bacteria.

PCR Reagent PCR Reagent
PCR Master Mix, RT Master Mix, qPCR Master Mix

Control/Tag Antibody Control/Tag Antibody
Control antibody: GAPDH, β-actin, and β-tubulin antibody.
Tag antibody: Myc antibody, GST antibody, His antibody, Flag antibody, HA antibody, GFP antibody, RFP antibody, V5 antibody, VSV-G antibody.

Luciferase Assay Kit Luciferase Assay Kit
Firefly Luciferase Assay Kit, Renilla Luciferase Assay Kit, Dual Luciferase Assay Kit

Mycoplasma Detection Mycoplasma Detection
MycoCheck™ Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit, MycoCheck™ Mycoplasma Stain Kit