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RNA Extraction Reagents


ABP Biosciences offers several ready-to-use RNA extraction reagents: TRIzol Reagent, TRIzol LS Reagent, and RNAzol RT Reagent. These reagents are specially designed to isolate high quality total RNA (as well as DNA and proteins) from diverse biological sources, including samples of human, animal, plant, yeast, bacterial, and viral origin. 

RNA Extraction Reagents Selection Guide

  Sample Type Chloroform required Final Product
TRIzol Reagent Tissue, cell, bacteria, blood, plant samples,viral samples, yeast Yes Total RNA, Transcriptome RNA, Micro RNA
TRIzol LS Reagent Blood, liquid samples, viral samples Yes Total RNA, Transcriptome RNA, Micro RNA
RNAzol RT Reagent Tissue, cell, bacteria, blood, liquid samples, plant samples,viral samples, yeast No Total RNA, Large RNA, Small RNA

Fig. 1. One step RNA purification using TRIzol Reagent and RNAzol RT Reagent from tissues. (1: Liver; 2: Lung; 3: Kindey)

To Order

Buy Cat.No. Product Name Unit Price
FP312 TRIzol Reagent 100 mL $120
FP313 TRIzol LS Reagent 100 mL $150
FP314 RNAzol RT Reagent 100 mL $120


Protocol (PDF): FP312