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Phospho-Tag™ Phosphoprotein Destain Solution


Phospho-Tag™ Phosphoprotein Destain Solution is used for phosphoprotein gel stain to reduce nonspecific binding. The destain solution is prepared with sodium acetate buffer and acetonitrile cosolvent.  The destaining protocol is described in the gel staining protocol.


  • High sensitivity. Detect as little as 1 ng phosphoprotein.
  • Simple and fast staining.
  • Compatibility with standard laboratory equipment.
  • Wide linear detection range. At least three orders of magnitude.
  • Compatible with downstream analysis: Compatible with MS and sequencing.
  • Stable: Stable at room temperature for 1 year.


Protein gel stain

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P005A Phospho-Tag™ Phosphoprotein Gel Stain Phosphoprotein gel stain 500 mL $200
P005B Phospho-Tag Phosphoprotein Destain Solution  Destain solution 500 mL $55


Protocol (PDF): P005
MSDS (PDF):  P005B