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BCA Protein Assay Kit


The BCA Protein Assay Kit is a two-component, high-precision, detergent-compatible assay reagent set to measure total protein concentration compared to a protein standard. The BCA Protein Assay Kit is based on the formation of a Cu2+-protein complex under alkaline conditions, followed by reduction of the Cu2+ to Cu1+ by cysteine, cystine, tryptophan, tyrosine, and peptide bonds. BCA forms a purple colored complex with Cu1+ that is detectable at 562nm, and proportional to the protein present. The BCA Protein Assay can be used to assess yields in whole cell lysates and affinity-column fractions, as well as to monitor protein contamination in industrial applications. Compared to most dye-binding methods, the BCA Assay is affected much less by protein compositional differences, providing greater protein-to-protein uniformity.


  • Colorimetric: measure with a standard spectrophotometer or plate reader at 562nm
  • Excellent uniformity: less protein-to-protein variation
  • Compatible: unaffected by typical concentrations of most ionic and nonionic detergents
  • Moderately fast: much easier and faster than the Lowry method
  • High linearity: linear working range for BSA equals 20 to 2000 µg/mL
  • Sensitive: detect down to 5 µg/mL with the enhanced protocol


Protein quantitation in solution.
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Protocol (PDF): P011
COA (PDF):  COA-P011