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Mitochondria Stains


The mitochondria are membrane-bound organelle found in most eukaryotic cells, where they make up as much as 10% of the cell volume. The number of mitochondria in a cell can vary widely between organism, tissue, and cell type. The key function of mitochondria is energy production through oxidative phosphorylation and lipid oxidation. ABP Biosciences developed a series of mito-tracker probes, which can be selectively sequestered by mitochondria in live cells based on the mitochondria membrane potential for loading. Our mito-tracker probes have a wide range of emission spectra for multicolor imaging.

Mitochondria Stains Selection Guide

Cat # Product Name Ex/Em (nm) Applications
C041 MitoOrange™ CMTMRos 554/575 Mitochondria  labeling
C042 MitoRed™ CMXRos 579/600 Mitochondria  labeling
C044 Rhodamine 123 505/534 Mitochondria  labeling
C045 JC-1 514/529;585/590 Mitochondria  labeling
C261 DHR 123 [Dihydrorhodamine 123]  Mitochondria  labeling


To order

Buy Cat. No. Product Name Ex/Em (nm) Unit Size Price
C041 MitoOrange™ CMTMRos 554/575 1 ml $130
C042 MitoRed™ CMXRos 579/600 1 ml $130
C043 Mito Deep Red FM 650/665 1 ml $130
C044 Rhodamine 123 505/534 25 mg $130
C045 JC-1 514/529;585/590 1 mg $110
C261 DHR 123 [Dihydrorhodamine 123]  10 mg $165