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Membrane Stains


The cell membrane separates the cell from the extracellular environment, and play important roles in cell signaling pathways as well as ionic homeostasis.  The membrane stains are useful markers for cell boundary. ABP Biosciences offers a selection of lipophilic dyes used as plasma membrane stains.

Membrane Stains Selection Guide

Cat # Product Name Ex/Em (nm) Applications
C016 DiO perchlorate 485/502 Plasma membrane stain
C017 DiI perchlorate 550/565 Plasma membrane stain
C018 DiD perchlorate 645/665 Plasma membrane stain
C019 DiR iodide 750/778 Plasma membrane stain
C020, C021 Pluronic F-127® Solubilize reagent


To order

Buy Cat.No. Product name Ex/Em(nm) Size Price
C016 DiO perchlorate 485/502 25 mg $110
C017 DiI perchlorate 550/565 25 mg $110
C018 DiD perchlorate 645/665 25 mg $130
C019 DiR iodide 750/778 10 mg $130

Pluronic F-127® 2 g
1 ml