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iScript™ All-in-One RT Master Mix (5X)


iScript™ 5X All-In-One RT Master Mix is a convenient, ready-to-use formulation of all the reagents necessary for first-strand cDNA synthesis with the exception of the template. This optimized, 5X All-In-One RT Master Mix contains novel iScript™ IV Reverse Transcriptase (RT), RNase Inhibitor, dNTPs and a finely balanced ratio of Oligo(dT)20 and Random Primers. Oligo(dT)20 anneals selectively to the poly(A) tail of mRNAs. Random Primers do not require the presence of poly(A) and they are utilized for the transcription of mRNA 5’-end regions. The first-strand cDNA can be directly used as a template in PCR.

iScript™ IV Reverse Transcriptase (RT) is a novel recombinant reverse transcriptase that exhibits much higher efficiency in the first-strand cDNA synthesis from RNA templates with secondary structures and high GC content. The iScript™ IV Reverse Transcriptase is engineered to work under high temperatures (50-55°C), which can further facilitate to resolve the secondary structures and high GC problems of RNA. Besides, the iScript™ IV RT is significantly improved in inhibitor resistance, processivity, and reaction speed. iScript™ IV RT is designed to provide reliable, consistent, and fast cDNA synthesis in the presence of inhibitors found in a wide variety of samples.

Note: Upon completion of the first-strand cDNA synthesis, the cDNA product can be directly applied as a template in a standard PCR/qPCR.

Storage Conditions

Store all components at -20°C in a non-defrost cycle freezer. All components are stable for 1 year from the date of shipment when stored and handled properly.

Primer Information

Oligo(dT)20 are oligonucleotides that anneal to the 3’-Poly(A) tail of mRNAs. Therefore, the utility of Oligo(dT)20 is restricted to case scenarios where only mRNA or total RNA templates with 3’-Poly(A) tails are used for cDNA synthesis. On the other hand, since Random Primers anneal at non-specific sites within RNA template(s), they can be used generically for all forms of RNA as template for cDNA synthesis.


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Protocol (PDF): D043