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RNAzol BD Reagent


RNAzol BD Reagent is a ready-to-use reagent, designed to isolate total RNA, large RNA or small RNA from whole blood, plasma or serum of human or animal origin. The RNA can be used for RNA sequencing and gene expression analysis, as well as RT-PCR, qRT-PCR, microarrays, poly A+ selection or other molecular biology applications. In addition, the reagent allows for simultaneous isolation of RNA and DNA from the same biological sample. The outstanding effectiveness and versatility of RNAzol BD Reagent makes it the most advanced and reliable reagent in this category.

RNAzol BD Reagent provides an unsurpassed yield of either total RNA, large RNA (> 150 – 200 bases) or small RNA (< 150 – 200 bases). The small RNA constitutes about 15 – 30% of the total RNA. RNAzol BD provides an opportunity to isolate and investigate all RNA present in whole blood, and not a small fraction as isolated by other methods.

RNAzol BD Reagent is a monophase solution containing acidic phenol and guanidine thiocyanate. A blood, plasma or serum sample is lysed in RNAzol BD and RNA is separated from DNA, proteins, polysaccharides and other cellular components by phase separation. Pure RNA is precipitated from the aqueous supernatant by the addition of isopropanol. The RNA pellet is washed and solubilized. Use 1 ml of RNAzol BD Reagent to process 0.5 ml of blood in less than one hour.


  • The isolation procedure can be completed in less than one hour and is performed at room temperature, including all centrifugation steps.
  • RNAzol BD isolates total RNA, or large RNA and small RNA in separate fractions. The large RNA fraction contains rRNA and mRNA. The small RNA fraction contains tRNA, small RNA and microRNA.
  • The isolated RNA is ready for RT-PCR, qRT-PCR, microarrays, poly A+ selection, northern blotting, RNase protection assay and other molecular biology applications.


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