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RNAlater Reagent


RNAlater Reagent stabilizes and protects cellular RNA in intact, unfrozen tissue samples, eliminating the need to immediately process tissue samples or to freeze samples in liquid nitrogen for later processing. Tissue pieces can be harvested and submerged in RNAlater Reagent for storage without jeopardizing the quality or quantity of RNA obtained after subsequent RNA isolation.


  • Effectiveness—stabilize RNA for 1 day at 37°C, 1 week at 25°C, 1 month at 4°C, or indefinitely at -20°C.
  • Simplicity—a single reagent that immediately inactivates RNases and stabilizes RNA within tissues or cells.
  • Convenience—no need to freeze samples in liquid nitrogen or rush samples back to the lab freezer.
  • Mobility—perfect for tissue collection "in the field".
  • Versatility—compatible with many RNA isolation procedures, including most RNA isolation kits.


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Protocol (PDF): R140