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CellTrack Green CMFDA


CellTrack Green CMFDA (Known as CellTracker™ Green CMFDA, Trade Mark of Molecular Probes) is a fluorescent thiol-reactive cell permeant probe that easily pass through cell membranes.  Upon reacting with thio-containing compound, the probe is well retained in cells and is passed to daughter cells through several generations but is not transferred to adjacent cells in the population. Cells that are loaded with this probe are typically fluorescent and viable for at least 24 hours, making these probes excellent long-term cell tracers. Furthermore, this probe can be fixed with formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde to allow long-term storage of the labeled cells or tissue, to facilitate safe handling of potentially pathogenic samples.

Excitation/Emission: 492/517 nm (after cleavage)
Shipping Condition: Ambient
Storage Conditions: -20ºC, protect from light
Molecular Formula: C25H17ClO7
Molecular Weight: 464.85
CAS Number: 136832-63-8  

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Protocol (PDF): C039
COA (PDF):  C039


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