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iClick™ EdU Andy Fluor™ 647 Flow Cytometry Assay Kit


Our iClick™ EdU Andy Fluor™ 647 Flow Cytometry Assay Kit provides a simplified, more robust assay for analyzing DNA replication in proliferating cells as compared to the traditional BrdU cell proliferation assay. In this assay, the modified thymidine analogue EdU is efficiently incorporated into newly synthesized DNA and fluorescently labeled with a bright, photostable Andy Fluor™ 647 dye in a fast, highly-specific click reaction. This fluorescent labeling of proliferating cells is accurate and compatible with antibody methods due to the mild click protocol. Newly synthesized DNA is analyzed using the 633 nm laser of the flow cytometer.


  • Simple: Labeling is complete in two steps
  • Accurate: Superior results compared to BrdU assay
  • Fast: Results in as little as 90 minutes
  • Multiplex: Compatible with cell cycle dyes and antibody-based stains
  • Quick and Simple Protocol



Platform: Fluorescence Microscope
Detection Method: Fluorescent
Ex/Em: 650/665 nm
Product Size: 50 assays



Cell proliferation analysis by flow cytometer.

Figure 1. Cell proliferation analysis with iClick™ EdU Andy Fluor™ 647 Flow Cytometry Assay Kit. Jurkat cells were treated with 10 µM EdU for 2 hours and detected according to the recommended staining protocol. The figures show a clear separation of proliferating cells which have incorporated EdU and nonproliferating cells which have not.

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Protocol (PDF): A008  
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COA (PDF): COA-A008  


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