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EasyMag DNA Purification Kit from bacteria


EasyMag DNA Purification Kit from bacteria provides a rapid and easy method for the isolation of high-quality genomic DNA from a wide variety of gram-positive and negative bacterial species. This kit can be processed manually or on an automated platform. The buffer system is optimized to allow direct cell lysis followed by selective binding of DNA to the magnetic beads. Three rapid wash steps remove trace salts and protein contaminants, and finally, DNA is eluted in water or low ionic strength buffer. Purification requires no phenol or chloroform extraction or alcohol precipitation, and involves minimal handling. DNA purified using this kit is ready for most downstream applications such as PCR, sequencing, genotyping, southern blot analysis and restriction enzyme digestion.


  • Fast – DNA purification process in less than 20 min post-lysis.
  • Safe – No organic extraction, no ethanol precipitation.
  • High-quality – DNA is suitable for a variety of downstream applications.


Technical Specifications

Applications Genomic DNA isolation from gram-positive and negative bacterial cells.
Sample Source Bacterial cells
Sample Input 1 x 10cells
Elution Volume 50-100 μL
Technology Magnetic Beads
Processing Mode Manual, Automated


Figure 1.  Genomic DNA from  various bacteria was isolated using ABP EasyMag DNA Purification Kit from bacteria. Eluted DNA was analyzed on a 1% agarose gel. 

To Order

Buy Cat.No. Product Name Unit Size Price
D120-1 EasyMag DNA Purification Kit from bacteria 50 preps $165
D120-2 EasyMag DNA Purification Kit from bacteria 200 preps $495


Protocol (PDF):



Buffer ATL                Buffer DL

Buffer AW1              Buffer AW2

Buffer AE                 Proteinase K