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Blood DNA Purification Kits


Genotyping has become an essential application in clinical trials for pharmacogenomics studies. The emergence of pharmacogenomic centers of excellence has resulted in an increasing need for purification of high-quality genomic DNA from large volumes of blood. Since samples are collected and shipped worldwide, every sample may require different storage and shipping conditions. Choosing the right genomic DNA extraction from blood is important based on your needs and expected end results. We offer a wide range of kits designed for DNA extraction from blood or serum samples at the purity and scale you need.

Which DNA extraction kit from blood is right for you?

    EasySC DNA Purification Kit from blood   EasyMag DNA Purification Kit from blood
Blood Input   200-250 μL   200-250 μL ​
Yield   3-15 μg   3-15 μg
Isolation Method   Silica spin column   Magnetic beads
High-throughput Compatible   No   Yes
Compatible Applications   Cloning, qPCR, sequencing, genotyping   Cloning, qPCR, sequencing, genotyping
Prep Time   20-30 min   30-45 min
Prep Size   50, 200 preps   50, 200 preps


To Order

Buy Cat. No. Product Name Unit Price
D109-1 EasySC DNA Purification Kit from blood 50 preps $110
D109-2 200 preps $330
D110-1 EasyMag DNA Purification Kit from blood 50 preps $110
D110-2 200 preps $330