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Methoxypolyethylene glycol carboxyl (mPEG-COOH) are high quality PEG reagents that attach a reactive carboxyl (COOH) group at the terminal site, which can selectively reacts with amino group in the peptide coupling reagent such at NHS, DDC and EDC at pH 7-8.

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) compounds are generally biocompatible, non-toxic and stable in both organic and aqueous solutions, and so are extensively used in biological applications, as well as nanotechnology and materials research. Proteins with PEG chain modifications and compounds encapsulated in PEG liposomes exhibit a longer half-life in vivo than their non-PEGylated counterparts, a phenomenon known as PEG shielding. 

For research use only.

Technical Information

Chemical Name: mPEG-COOH
Molecular weight: 2K
Form: White solid
Purity: >97%
Storage Condition: -20 ℃
Shipping Condition: Room temperature

To order

Buy Cat.No. Product name Size Price
LP012-1 mPEG-COOH 1 g $140
LP012-2 mPEG-COOH 5 g $580
LP012-3 mPEG-COOH 10 g $880


Product Information (PDF): LP012

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