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EasySC PCR Clean-up Kit


EasySC PCR Clean-up Kit is designed for the rapid purification of single or double-stranded DNA from PCR and other enzymatic reactions. The system follows a “bind-wash-elute” procedure and completely removes primers, nucleotides, enzymes, salts, and other impurities from a DNA sample. This convenient spin-column format eliminates the need for expensive resins or toxic organic compounds such as phenol and chloroform, thereby making it possible to process multiple samples in parallel. Purified DNA can be used in T-A ligations, sequencing, restriction enzyme digestion, and various other labeling reactions.


  • Rapid – Purification of PCR products in less than 10 minutes.
  • Safe – No Phenol/chloroform extractions.
  • High-quality – DNA is suitable for a variety of downstream applications.


Technical Specifications

Applications DNA isolation from PCR and other enzymatic reactions.
Sample Source PCR products, enzymatic reactions.
Sample Input 10-50 μL
Elution Volume 30-50 μL
Technology Silica spin column
Processing Mode Manual, Centrifugation/Vacuum


Figure 1. Different size DNA fragments were cleaned up with ABP EasySC PCR Clean-up Kit to remove primers, nucleotides, and other impurities. DNA was analyzed on a 1% agarose gel.

To Order

Buy Cat.No. Product Name Unit Size Price
D102-1 EasySC PCR Clean-up Kit 50 preps $65
D102-2 EasySC PCR Clean-up Kit 200 preps $200


Protocol (PDF):



Buffer PB                    Buffer PW

Elution buffer