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Cell Cycle Analysis


Cell cycle analysis by DNA content measurement is a method that most frequently employs flow cytometry to distinguish cells in different phases of the cell cycle. ABP Biosciences offers a family of CellCycle™ stains for cell cycle analysis. These stains have different excitation and emission wavelengths, making multicolor cell cycle studies possible.

Selection Guide for Cell Cycle Analysis

Cat. No. Product Name Application Ex/Em (nm) Unit
A053 CellCycle™ Blue Stain Flow cytometry 350/460 100 assays
A054 CellCycle™ Green Stain Flow cytometry 500/530 100 assays
A055 CellCycle™ Ruby Stain Flow cytometry 647/680 100 assays
A056 CellCycle™ PI/RNAse Stain Solution Flow cytometry 535/617 100 assays

To order

Buy Cat.No. Product Name Ex/Em(nm) Unit Price
A053 CellCycle™ Blue Stain 350/460 100 assays $66
A054 CellCycle™ Green Stain 500/530 100 assays $66
A055 CellCycle™ Ruby Stain 647/680 100 assays $200
A056 CellCycle™ PI/RNAse Stain Solution 535/617 100 assays $85