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ActinRed™ 555 stain


ActinRed™ 555 stain is used for F-actin stain. The orange fluorescent probe binds to F-actin with nanomolar affinity and it is highly photostable. Fluorescently labeled phallotoxins are very useful tool for investigating the distribution of F-actin. Labeled phallotoxins have similar affinity for both large and small filaments, binding in a stoichiometric ratio of about one phalloidin molecule per actin subunit in muscle and nonmuscle cells from various species of plants and animals.

Excitation/Emission: 555/575 nm
Shipping Condition: Ambient
Storage Conditions: -20ºC, protect from light
Cell Permeability: Cell-impermeant
Unit Size: 300 unit
Color: Red


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Protocol (PDF): C053
COA (PDF):  COA-C053 


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