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5(6)-TAMRA, SE [5-(and-6)-Carboxy-tetramethylrhodamine, succinimidyl ester]


Tetramethylrhodamine (TMR) is an important fluorophore for preparing protein conjugates. 5-(and-6)-Carboxytetramethylrhodamine, succinimidyl ester is the amine-reactive, mixed isomer form of TAMRA.


Label: Tetramethylrhodamine
Ex/Em: 555/575 nm
Detection Method: Fluorescent
Solubility: DMSO, DMF
Molecular Formula: C29H25N3O7
Molecular Weight: 527.53
CAS Number: 246256-50-8
Storage Conditions: -20 ℃, protect from light
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature


Fluorescent labeling

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Datasheet (PDF): C138


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