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MQAE is a 6-methoxyquinolinium derivative and is a fluorescent indicator for intracellular Cl. This dye detects the ion via diffusion-limited collisional quenching. MQAE has greater sensitivity to Cl and a higher fluorescence quantum yield than SPQ; consequently, it is currently the more widely used of the two indicators.


Label: MQAE
Ex/Em: 350/460 nm
Detection Method: Fluorescent
Solubility: DMSO, DMF
Molecular Formula: C14H16BrNO3
Molecular Weight: 326.19
CAS Number: 162558-52-3
Storage Conditions: -20 ℃, protect from light
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature

Chloride indicator

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Datasheet (PDF): C272


NarK is a nitrite-extrusion system involved in anaerobic nitrate respiration by Escherichia coli.
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Mol Microbiol (1994) 12:579-586
Product usage: Functional assessment of the E. coli NarK nitrite/nitrate antiporter.

Fluorescent imaging of Cl- in Amphiuma red blood cells: how the nuclear exclusion of Cl- affects the plasma membrane potential.
Hoffman JF, Geibel JP
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2005) 102:921-926

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