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Dextran, Amino, 10,000 MW


Dextran conjugates are hydrophilic polysaccharides most commonly used in microscopy studies to monitor cell division, track the movement of live cells, and to report the hydrodynamic properties of the cytoplasmic matrix. The labeled dextran is commonly introduced into the cells via microinjection. 



  • Ex/Em: None 
  • Size: 10,000 MW
  • Fixable: Yes


  • Neuronal tracing (anterograde and retrograde) in live cells
  • Cell lineage tracing in live cells
  • Neuroanatomical tracing
  • Examining intercellular communications (e.g., in gap junctions, during wound healing, and during embryonic development)
  • Investigating vascular permeability and blood–brain barrier integrity
  • Tracking endocytosis
  • Monitoring acidification (some dextran-dye conjugates are pH-sensitive)
  • Studying the hydrodynamic properties of the cytoplasmic matrix


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