Fluorescent and Hapten-Labeled Nucleotides

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Fluorescent and Hapten-Labeled Nucleotides

Dear Scientist,

Labeled nucleotides are critical elements for sequence detection in a wide variety of techniques including in situ hybridization, microarrays and DNA sequencing. Our special designed nucleotides with a X linker ensure the most efficient incorporation for optimum results in your experiment. We offer a broad array of standard products as well as custom synthesis and packaging options. 

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Enzymatic Labeling Label DNA RNA
♦Nick translation labeling with DNAse 1 and DNA Polymerase 1;
♦PCR labeling with thermophilic DNA polymerases like Taq or Pfu;
♦cDNA labeling with AMV or M-MuLV reverse transcriptase;
♦T4 DNA polymerase or T7 DNA polymerase, random primed DNA labeling with Klenow fragment;
♦3’-End labeling with Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase (TdT);
♦In vitro transcription with SP6, T3 or T7 RNA polymerase.
Amine modification 5-Aminoallyl-dUTP 5-Aminoallyl-UTP
Biotin Biotin-11-dUTP Biotin-11-UTP
Biotin Biotin-14-dCTP  
Biotin Biotin-14-dATP  
Andy Fluor™ 488 Andy Fluor™ 488-X-dUTP Andy Fluor™ 488-X-UTP
Andy Fluor™ 555 Andy Fluor™ 555-X-dUTP Andy Fluor™ 555-X-UTP
Application Andy Fluor™ 568 Andy Fluor™ 568-X-dUTP Andy Fluor™ 568-X-UTP
♦Southern blotting
♦Northern blotting
Andy Fluor™ 594 Andy Fluor™ 594-X-dUTP Andy Fluor™ 594-X-UTP
Andy Fluor™ 647 Andy Fluor™ 647-X-dUTP Andy Fluor™ 647-X-UTP
Cy®3 Cy®3-X-dUTP Cy®3-X-UTP
Cy®5 Cy®5-X-dUTP Cy®5-X-UTP

Figure 1. Application in FISH and TUNEL assay. Human Chromosome 7 Enumeration (CEP7) and Human c-Met gene (MET) probes were labeled with Andy Fluor™ 488-X-dUTP (green) and Andy Fluor™ 568-X-dUTP (magenta) using nick translation (Left). Terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase dUTP nick end labeling (TUNEL)-mediated detection of apoptotic cells in mouse tongue tissue using Biotin-11-dUTP, followed by detection with Andy Fluor™ 488-streptavidin (Right). 

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